International Campaign to Free Tali Fahima

Tali Fahima

On Sunday, July 17th, Tali Fahima’s trial sessions will be continued. On this occasion, we are calling on all solidarity movements around the world to join us and let the people of the world and the State of Israel know that the persecution and unjust incarceration of the woman who represents hope for a future of friendship and commonality between Palestinians and Israelis will not pass unnoted.

Tali Fahima, a Jewish Israeli woman, has been harassed by the Israeli General Security Services for over a year now, for defying the Apartheid logic set by the Occupation Forces and showing public solidarity with the people of the Jenin Refugee Camp in their daily efforts to stay alive and resist their oppressors. Her example shows just how little the Israeli institutions (including the juridical system) tolerate camaraderie between the two peoples, and how important it is for the International Solidarity Movement to emanate a different voice.

Spending almost a year in jail now, Tali expresses at every possible opportunity her solidarity with all political prisoners, and stresses the call for the total end of all forms of oppression of the Palestinian people. Hence, on July 17th we will be calling for the immediate release of Tali Fahima and all political prisoners held by the State of Israel.

We urge you to join the international campaign, which is an opportunity for all of us to consolidate our message regarding the reality of warfare in the region – it is neither fate nor natural disaster, but the fruit of intentional and extremely calculated policies on behalf of the State of Israel. At a time when the world seems to be overtaken with exaltation because of the Israel’s Prime Minister’s willingness to evacuate a small number of illegal settlements in order to fortify a large number of them elsewhere, the treatment of the Tali Fahima’s affair by all Israeli state institutions demonstrates as clearly as possible just how much Israel desires living together in peace with its Palestinian neighbors.

Means of Action

Events: rallies, demonstrations, vigils and conferences

On July 17th we will be holding a large demonstration outside of the court in which Tali’s trial will be held. We will be glad to know that other events are held worldwide during this day.

We encourage and are willing to assist you in the organization of conferences dealing with Tali Fahima, political prisoners in Israel and Palestine and Israeli-Palestinian solidarity acts in general.

We will be glad if at all events consecrated to solidarity with Palestine and the Palestinian people, Tali Fahima’s case will be mentioned. Information, flyers and materials of all sorts can be found on the site.

Letters of protest; letters of support

Letters of protest and dismay regarding Tali Fahima’s incarceration and treatment can be sent to the Israeli general attorney, defense minister, prime minister’s cabinet and the president. Copies should be sent to Israeli ambassadors and consulates, and to your diplomatic corps in Israel. An example of such a letter and the relevant e-mail addresses and fax numbers can be found on

Given her isolation, Tali is grateful for all the letters sent to her in jail. The prison address also appears in the website.

Petitions and donations

Petitions can be found on the site, or may be drafted by your own organization. The petition calling on the prison authority to terminate Tali’s solitary confinement proved to be highly effective. Tali was held nine month in complete isolation. On April 2005, after an international petition was circulated and signed by activists and intellectuals from all over the world, she was granted the right to converse with other prisoners.

We are having a difficult time covering all legal expenses and providing for Tali’s needs in prison. Tali’s family members are continuously harassed since the beginning of the case and are in great economical difficulties themselves. We will be grateful to receive donations through the website.

We thank you for propagating this call among your activists, and please do inform us about all activities. We will be delighted to inform you about all updates in the case. You are invited to contact:

The Committee for the immediate release of Tali Fahima
Alternative Information Center

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