Enough empty talk

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Talk, talk, talk … All we hear is talk, talk, talk, analysis, discussions, points of view, reports, reports and reports, etc, etc, etc.

What is the world waiting for to see what is going on?

Does the world have eyes? Ears? A head, if anything?

The world is just fully engaged in meetings, study and analysis, trying to find someone to blame; first this one, then that and so on. But at the end, the whole picture is obscure, since the last item on the agenda is the mass genocide that is taking place with full force against innocent civilians in a country called Lebanon.

This is real, it is not a game of Risk, it is not a virtual computer war game and it is not controlled by joysticks. It is the real thing: real bombs, real planes, real destruction and definitely real death, death, death.

All countries are busy moving their citizens out of Lebanon - why? Are these citizens more valuable than an average Lebanese citizen? Aren’t they just citizens of the world? Instead of moving citizens why don’t they work on stopping this war? Two Israeli soldiers are reason enough for the mass genocide that is taking place?

The world is good at turning its head the other way and asking for justice. What justice? So now the big countries are asking for justice? What about justice in 1948? The word “justice” just popped out of a dictionary? What about justice two weeks ago, three months ago, three years ago, 60 years ago? The world does not want to see Gaza, or the West Bank, or southern Lebanon, or Iraq, or the creation of a new state over the ruins of another almost 60 years ago - why? The world cannot agree on a ceasefire and we are still waiting for justice?

The “United Nations” OF AMERICA: What is this organization for? Waiting for the orders to come that will make the war stop but not before the country is destroyed and people are devastated to ensure that no one will ever raise a finger against the young spoiled baby of the world, Israel.

Rest assured: as long as there is injustice there will never be peace, and it is only a matter of time before the whole world is engulfed in a state of total chaos, we can see it anyway and only if the real justice prevails will there be real world peace.

Today is not the time to throw accusations in all directions, to just sit back, talk and analyze. Today is time to open the mind, the eyes, the ears, and make the world understand that what the strong powers are doing today will one day turn against them. They are only increasing the desperation, the hate, the cruelty, the injustice, and there will only be desperate retaliations. I wonder if they will ever understand that this is all they’re doing. The Neros of the modern world, the 21st century. Never have they intervened some place to silence a voice without leaving seeds for thousand voices behind; it will never stop.

I challenge anyone, as objective as can be, any sane person with as large and open a mind as possible to be able to just sit back and listen calmly to Condi telling the whole world about the new democracy in the Middle East. I wonder if it is the same democracy given to Iraq, the wonderful example created by the just and great power of the world.

I am sorry for all this rage but it is just impossible to accept the state of the world; I would rather just stop here since there is so much anger and rage inside me and I do not want to spill it on you, but I thank you for listening.

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Hana Abu Khadra Salem is a resident of Beirut, and chooses to remain there.