End the Cycle of Violence - Join the Cycle for Peace

Israel’s unlawful occupation of Palestine has for decades spread seeds of hatred in the Middle East, hatred which has extended into the world far beyond. The people of both Israel and Palestine have been cynically used and manipulated by the world’s leaders in their own vested interests for power and dominance. Violence against one person leads to even more violence against another - over and over again, each act an escalation on the last, plunging the Palestinian and Israeli people into deeper despair for their future and pushing peace and reconciliation ever further away.

We know the people of the Middle East are the same as people in any other part of the world - they are not asking for much - they want to have pride in their identity, freedom to live and to work, security for their families and hope for their children’s future. The cycle of hatred and violence in Palestine and Israel is destroying any possibility of this for every person living there today.

We believe that this can change, if enough people work for that change. We believe that just as one act of violence leads to another act of violence, so can one act of peace lead to another act of peace.

The Peace Cycle will begin at a rally in London’s Trafalgar Square on 14th August 2004.

People from all kinds of faiths and backgrounds will come together to begin an amazing journey to Jerusalem. For six weeks they will cycle through France, Switzerland, Italy, Greece, and into Israel. They will ride into the West Bank and cycle through Palestinian towns and villages to Jerusalem, and on to Bethlehem’s Manger Square. Muslims, Jews and Christians, people from all races and religions, will ride side by side to show they believe in peace and justice for all the people of the Middle East. As the cyclists ride through the towns and cities of Europe, they will be joined by others, some riding for just one day, some for the whole journey, but all demonstrating their belief that to justly end the occupation of Palestine will at last bring an end to the cycle of violence.

Please support us in any way you can:

  • Come to the rally in Trafalgar Square on Saturday 14th August from 1pm to show your support for a just peace and wave the cyclists on their way
  • Bring your bicycle to ride alongside The Peace Cyclists as they leave London - as far as you like - to Richmond, or Leatherhead where they will stay overnight before continuing their journey
  • Get sponsorship to take on the challenge of cycling some or all of the way to Jerusalem - it will be the experience of a lifetime
  • Come to a Peace Cycle benefit night - there will be a comedy event on 20th June - more details to follow
  • Help us to distribute leaflets
  • Sponsor a cyclist
  • Make a donation
  • Be a street steward for the ride, anywhere along the route
  • Organise your own event to raise money

    For more information on how you can help please contact: Laura Abraham at ThePeaceCycle@aol.com or Brian Moran at brian.thepeacecycle@ntlworld.com