Electronic Intifada - Spring 2006 Appeal

Earlier this year, The Electronic Intifada (EI) celebrated a significant milestone: the fifth anniversary of the site’s launch in 2001. We are now pleased to announce another milestone. EI has partnered with Groundspring, a non-profit organization established by the Tides Foundation, to offer a secure, user-friendly online donation page that allows for one-time or recurring donations using your credit card.

We want to explain why your continued support for EI’s educational work remains as vital as ever and why we are asking you to make a contribution today.

EI is an internationally recognized media phenomenon, widely respected for carving out new - and needed - terrain for comprehending the Palestine-Israel conflict from a rich variety of perspectives. Initially founded as a media monitoring resource for activists, EI has rapidly transformed into a unique resource characterized by dependability; high quality, finely-textured and up-to-date reporting; incisive commentary, compelling graphics and music and video offerings.

The work we do remains primarily a labor of love; we could not possibly afford to pay all those whose daily commitment makes EI what it is. While our scope and reach have grown, our budget remains constant at under fifty thousand dollars per year. This pays for maintaining and hosting the website, photography and research resources, hardware and software, and other basic necessities to keep us ‘on air.’

Between 2006-2008 we have set a goal of doubling what we raise annually, to bring our budget more in line with our actual needs. You can read details about our future plans and past expenditures in our proposal posted on the website at http://electronicintifada.net/v2/article2162.shtml.

A half-decade after EI’s launch, the necessity of providing critical, in-depth, and timely coverage of Palestine has only increased. The pile of bodies has continued to grow. The Apartheid Wall remains a tourniquet cutting off Palestinians from the life-blood of their land, communities, and freedom. Orchards and water resources disappear.

Injustice and impunity prevail with the direct or indirect complicity of the US and the EU, all underpinned by a biased presentation of the conflict in the mainstream media. Disregard of the profound injustices confronted by Palestinians, as well as the International Community’s neglect of Palestinians’ human rights, has sadly become the norm.

It is particularly at times of crisis — as with the present situation in Gaza during which we are working round the clock to offer news of developments on the ground — that the real power of EI can be seen. In the first eight days of Israel’s “Operation Summer Rain” in Gaza, EI’s website has seen a daily average of 11,220 visitor sessions, the equivalent of over one-third of a million each month, or four million a year. During this period, we have published 60 articles about the crisis, an average of approximately 7 a day. These are being catalogued in our special BY TOPIC section, “Israel invades Gaza (27 June 2006), found at: http://electronicintifada.net/bytopic/442.shtml

In a world of averted gazes, EI continually strives to bring the Palestinian narrative front and center. Our coverage and features have expanded over the last two years from a focus on political and human rights issues to encompass a wide and rich spectrum of Palestinian artistic expression - films, paintings, theatre and music - aspects of Palestinian reality that are too often obscured.

EI’s Arts Editor, Maureen Clare Murphy, wrote that “Palestine is a nation defined as much by culture as by politics,” noting that “the exporting of Palestinian art is particularly important because while the US, which can be considered a third party to the conflict, shares a sense of cultural identity with Israel, it holds very negative perceptions of Palestinians.”

Palestinian dignity is sustained by the riches of Palestinian culture and history. EI is sustained by your continuing interest, support, and concern for justice. As we mark our anniversary, please help us keep the “electricity” in the Electronic Intifada. Your contribution will generate powerful currents of change and hope.

Ali Abunimah, Arjan El Fassed, Laurie King, Nigel Parry
Co-founders of the Electronic Intifada

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