EI discusses “diplomacy” in Lebanon on Flashpoints

On July 26, Ali Abunimah of electronicIntifada.net and electronicLebanon.net appeared on “Flashpoints” on Berkeley’s Pacifica affiliate, KPFA, interviewed by Flashpoints host Dennis Bernstein. Abunimah discussed the “pre-planned failure of diplomacy” in Lebanon, as reports of a “breakdown of diplomacy in Rome” are heard. Also featured on this episode of Flashpoints is Bilal El-Amine, the former editor of Left Turn magazine now on the ground in Southern Lebanon, providing frontline news and reports.

“Flashpoints” is KPFA’s newsmagazine, regularly featuring voices of resistance, education and information from around the world. It airs every weekday at 5 PM PST on KPFK.

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