Children of Palestine Manifesto

Yesterday, a group of Palestinian children marched to UNDP’s and UNICEF’s Gaza Office to hold a peaceful demonstration. A delegate from the Young Journalist Club made a speech and handed out a manifesto in support of Palestinian children’s rights.


Our appeal here to the world to hear is…let us live in peace and tranquil like other children in the whole world.

They assassinated our childhood, plundered our rights, deprived us of our rights in education. We dream to live without fear and to enjoy our freedom.

Israeli occupation practiced all kinds of suppression against us and responsible about our suffering and agony because they rifled our land, properties and interfered in our affairs.

We have the right to ask – why the soldiers of the occupation insisted to kill us and shoot us in the upper part of our bodies without us causing any harm to their lives where as they are armed of all kinds of developed weapons?

We are dispatching an urgent call to the international society and for those who are conscientious to endure their responsibilities about what is happening of committing all kinds of offensive crimes by Israeli soldiers against us. We are also looking forward to find out the appropriate methods for protecting us in order to live as other children in wide world.

On behalf of Palestinian children we condemn the aggressive Israeli outrage on our sanctuaries, innocence, and seeking to make prosecution for each one who committed war crimes against us and to undo the besiege of our President Abu Ammar (Yassir Arafat) may God bless him.

Young Club,
Children of Palestine