Snapshots: In and around Jenin refugee camp

Photograph 1. Rows of silvery, green olive trees in a carpet of wild poppies. And a tank, like a big, angry, metal beetle, its gun pointing at the refugee camp.

Photograph 2. An old Palestinian woman sitting on the steps of her house. There is Hebrew lettering scribbled on the door behind her. She is alone, staring at the ground, holding her head in her hands.

Photograph 3. A little child framed in a large black hole in the wall. The building looks like a skeleton. The roof hangs like a giant concrete sheet pegged to the building with iron rods.

Photograph 4. A line of women walking across the olive grove which separates the camp from the town. They are carrying babies and plastic water containers.

Photograph 5. A man sitting with his hands on his knees. His wrists are ringed with dark red welts where the plastic handcuffs dug deep into his skin.

Photograph 6. A speck in the sky, a silver arrow cutting through the blue.

Photograph 7. A man standing in the middle of the room surrounded by broken children’s toys, mattresses covered in muddy footprints, smashed crockery and torn photographs. His hands are held up to his face.

Photograph 8. A body: shrunken and burnt, half squashed under the rubble.