Listen: Ali Abunimah on FAIR’s Counterspin about the Guardian and Joshua Treviño

Today EI’s Ali Abunimah spoke to CounterSpin the weekly radio program of media watchdog FAIR. The segment with Abunimah begins at 19 minutes into the show.

CounterSpin is heard on more than 150 radio stations in North America.

From FAIR:

the British newspaper the Guardian has come under fire for hiring far right commentator Josh Treviño. Much of the criticism centers on Treviño’s calls of support for the Israeli Defense Forces’ killing of passengers aboard a flotilla challenging the blockade of the Gaza Strip. Treviño says his words were misunderstood, but his critics say they understand them quite clearly. What they don’t understand, however, is why the Guardian thinks his perspective is worth a regular column. Ali Abunimah of Electronic Intifada will talk about the controversy, and the paper’s bizarre defense.

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