WATCH: Protestors forcefully removed from London performance of Israel’s Habima theatre

A protestor shouting “Free Palestine” and “Justice for Palestine” is seen being forcefully wrestled out of a performance by Habima, the National Theatre of Israel, at London’s Globe Theatre on Monday.

The woman is dragged away and a Palestinian flag she is holding is pulled from her hands as men shout “get out.”

These images are seen within the first 30 seconds of the video clip, which is followed by some indiscernible audio.

Habima has been the target of a major boycott campaign in the UK and “enhanced security” had been put in place in anticipation of protests.

The Israeli embassy had also attempted to organize a surreptitious Twitter campaign to promote Habima, but it was exposed by Ben White on The Electronic Intifada.

Protestors unfurling banners and flags manhandled and forcefully removed

Another brief video shows a woman on the balcony holding a banner, and as security personnel approach her she says “No violence.”

The BBC reported that, “Around 15 protesters were led or carried out during the performance after unfurling banners and Palestinian flags”:

About 10 minutes into the play, a banner reading “Israel Apartheid leave the stage” was unfurled from the first-floor balcony accompanied by several Palestinian flags.

Security men moved in and several people were removed, some of them saying “No violence!”

Other protesters showed peace signs or stood up with tape over their mouths.

Audience members who attempted to take photos were asked to stop by stewards. More banners and flags were unfurled on two more occasions before the interval. As the protesters were removed, some shouted “Free Palestine!”

After the interval, a man standing in front of the stage was ejected after shouting: “Hath a Palestinian not eyes?” in a twist on Shylock’s famous speech.

Protests outside theater

Protests also went on outside the Globe theater before and during the Habima performance.




I wonder why they chose to protest Israel when Lebanon denies rights to Palestinians born in that country generation after generation. No property ownership, denial of most jobs, no vote, often no travel or even construction materials. Could it be they care more about blaming Israel than helping the Palestinians?