Watch: Time for a one-state solution for Palestine

On Thursday I spoke to The Real News about the meeting between Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Donald Trump at the White House this week, in particular the US president’s statement that he is open to a one-state solution.

Host Sharmini Peries and I discussed what abandoning the two-state solution means, and what a one-state solution might look like.

Watch the video above.

Trump’s statement is, at least, generating discussion. On Friday, The Forward ran a story on renewed interest in the concept of a single democratic state, quoting me, former Palestinian negotiator Diana Buttu and Israeli historian Ilan Pappe.

Also, read my analysis on the Trump-Netanyahu meeting.




I think that one state solution is possible if Palestinians get equal rights. Some important post such as President and prime minister may be reserved for Jewish people and Palestinians should also be part of the government.


suhail , how can they have equal rights if only Jewish citizens can be President or Prime Minister.


Jewish people don't agree for one state solution because they think that they will lose control of Israel. It is necessary to reserve some important post for Jewish people. Palestinians can be deputy prime minister, cabinet minister, governor etc. This type of power sharing is implemented in some countries like Lebanon.