Gaza-bound ship “Juliano” found sabotaged in Greek port

A ship due to join the Gaza Freedom Flotilla was sabotaged in the Greek port of Piraeus today according to organizers. A Swedish-language statement issued by Ship to Gaza described damage to the ship’s propeller shaft. Here is a rapid translation of the statement by The Electronic Intifada:

At 5.30 pm Swedish time on Monday it was discovered that Ship to Gaza’s passenger boat “Juliano” was the victim of sabotage in the port of Piraeus [Greece]. Hostile divers the destroyed the propeller house and cut the propeller shaft. No one was injured in the attack.

Ship to Gaza has documented the sabotage with its own camera equipped divers. A first inspection was carried out to repair the damage before the planned departure at the end of this week.

Passenger boat “Juliano” (named after Juliano Meir Khamis, the murdered actor and director at Freedom Theatre in Jenin) is owned jointly by the Ship to Gaza organizations in Sweden, Norway and Greece.

In a first comment Ship to Gaza spokesperson Mattias Gardell said:

“It’s one thing for a foreign power to press the Greek government to delay our voyage with red tape. It is quite another thing for enemy agents to operate on Greek territory. It is high time for the international community to put their foot down and say: Enough!”




Salamaat/ Shalom
why would we be surprised by Israeli sabotage? they are desperate to stop the flotilla and will apply all and any means, including premeditated murder as they did on the Mavi Marmara. in short, Israel believes it is the only country in the world above the law.
will Netanyahu, Barak and Lieberman suffer the same fate as Gadaffi? silly question, I apologize. unfortunately for Israel the stakes are much higher this time. would Barak dare order the assassination of Alice Walker?
the whole is watching.....lets see whether Bibi blinks.


Go on. My sympathy and support are for all of you.

Maarten Muskens member Netherlands Kommittee of Palestine