Audio: Ali Abunimah and Ilan Pappe keynote speeches at Harvard One State Conference

On March 3 and 4 many speakers gave presentations and took part in discussions at the Harvard One State Conference. There were no official recordings of the proceedings, however, the two keynote speeches by Ali Abunimah and Ilan Pappe were captured by members of the audience.

Ali Abunimah keynote

The audio recording of Ali Abunimah’s 3 March lecture followed by discussion with the audience was recorded by Salma Abu Ayyash for her WZBC radio program “This Week in Palestine” and is posted with her permission.

Ilan Pappe keynote

This video of Ilan Pappe’s 4 March lecture was made by members of Tufts University Students for Justice in Palestine.




Slowly but surely the one state is becoming main stream discussion topic. This conference is the most publicized most attacked one state conference , this of course is a huge huge plus and an advantage that should be learnt from . I wish
that such an event should be done on a large scale open to all not limited to 300 seats.can you imagine the publicity .Second point is a question... when will the one state take the next step from academic discussion platform to political
platforms ? when will it take its fare share of the palestenian political agenda .I think that diaspora palestenians (mainly refugees ) should be the main focus in your out reach.


I don't understand why you can't have an opinion that the zionists have to leave Palestine. They invaded violently; broke international laws for 60 plus years and created all types of hell. Why can't you just turn around and say, "you have to go home."


Sorry, David King, where's 'home' for most Israelis? On this basis,
should not all non-indigenous Americans, Canadians, Australians, New Zealanders, South Africans, all go 'home'?


Where is home? Are you worried people don't know what country they came from? Don't worry about it. They know very well where they came from.

How on earth you draw your conclusions, I have no idea. Keep it simple. Have those who have committed war crimes and crimes against humanity tried and sentenced and the rest deported back to their native country.


One State that provides a right of return to the 4 million children of the original 750,000 that were displaced no matter how it is cloaked in democracy is simply another demographic solution to the Jewish question. Justice cannot be exclusive to any group and two states remain available if both peoples are willing to communicate and take all the risks incumbent on giving birth to a reality that guarantees freedom to all.



those points you made are just rubbish. They fly in the face of international law. Apply international law and the problem is sovled.