“There was no Israel in 1709” - Clip from TV’s The West Wing highlights absurdity of US Palestine denial

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At a time GOP candidates fight over who is ready to love Israel the most and who is ready to bash Iran and the Palestinians the best, or you might say a phony war over which party loves Israel most, I can’t help but share the following video.

This 3 minute video is made up from different scenes taken from the popular TV show The West Wing. Season 3, Episode 10, which aired back in 2002 to be specific. Even though it’s a drama, but there is just too much truth in this short video. Watch and judge it yourself. Maybe this explains why there isn’t a map of the holy land, drawn in 1709, lying somewhere in the White House.




It would be nice to think that the writer of this episode had had some sense of the irony in using the word "philistines" in this context. But apparently not, since it wasn't played or developed at all. They could have written a line for the President to comment about the politically correct "recognition of Israel" being no more than a "Pharisaical" attitude, but that would've been far too antisemitic, of course.


Jalal, welcome "on board," and particular thanks for highlighting these scenes from "The West Wing." It clearly suggests how the White House (and Congress) are hostage to foreign propaganda. (If you can, read the 130-page 1928 book by American Edward Bernays, Sigmund Freud's nephew, member of the WW I U.S. Committee on Public Information which persuaded the 80% of U.S. citizens who originally opposed the war to support it, and a wealthy post-war consultant to U.S. business, which then adopted the government's propaganda methods but called them "public relations.") I'm going to forward to you by email a prize-winning essay by a Jewish American age-peer of yours who is at Carnegie Mellon University which I'm sure you will appreciate. Very best wishes with your writing!!!


Would like to know more about the creation of state of Israel, and what is possibly foreseeable for the palestine.

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