Video: Ali Abunimah on Netanyahu’s speech to US Congress

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu made his much trailed and politically divisive speech to the US Congress today, forcefully denouncing a possible international agreement that would place Iran’s civilian nuclear energy program under strict supervision.

Immediately afterwards, I spoke to The Real News Network’s Paul Jay to analyze the speech, including Netanyahu’s appeal to Biblical myths and Islamophobia in his attempt to derail US diplomacy.

Netanyahu’s speech came as US Secretary of State John Kerry and his Iranian counterpart, Foreign Minister Javad Zarif, were in Switzerland to close the deal at high stakes negotiations backed by the five permanent members of the UN Security Council and Germany.

President Barack Obama dismissed Netanyahu’s speech as offering nothing new and said the Israeli leader offered no alternatives to his efforts to reach a diplomatic agreement.

Approximately fifty Democratic members of Congress skipped Netanyahu’s speech, some after intense lobbying efforts by Palestinian rights advocates.




I just watched this and its right on point. I love the comment about burping and gobbling up countries... lol


It doesn't matter what Netanyahu said yesterday. Israel has no voice in these negotiations with Iran. This is the business of the big boys of the world - President Obama, representing the United States, and the leaders of Russia, China, Britain, France, and Germany. Netanyahu simply showed his impotence on the world state yesterday. Israel has no place at this negotiating table. Americans are not going to war against Iran. We are not going to pay for a war with Iran with our tax dollars to benefit Israel and we are not going to send our military to die and be maimed in a war against Iran to benefit Israel. It is not going to happen.


He is not the Jewish people.

Why is it that every tin pot corrupt war criminal political shill hack sock puppet hides religion to justify their assorted "transgressions."

Satan move over. He and his ilk are one of the reasons why some doubt the existence of God/gods.


It's 10:43 AM on the West Coast and I just now tried to watch the subject video, but all I got was, "This video has been removed by the user."

All I can say is keep up the good work Ali Abunimah. It's obviously effective.


I emailed my Democratic Pennsylvania Congressman ( who covers the county where Netanyahu grew up), as well my Democratic Senator, and asked them both, to not attend this speech. My Congressman, habitually ignores any thing to do with human rights, but my Senator emailed me back, stating why he will attend the speech. His words were the same as the radical-right wing Christian Republicans, which historically, have supported groups that violate the civil rights of the minorities, including Jewish. I emailed My senator back, and basically asked him to listen to his soul and put aside his political career. The Philadelphia area, is full of Zionists, and my legislators, work for them, not all of us. I was really frustrated by his response, as well as the justification of killing off our fellow human beings. Thanks for this video, as well as your efforts, to give the American public the truth.
Jane Zacher, Student, Philadelphia, Pa. Turtle Island


I have consistently maintained that the so-called "negotiations" with Iran
are myth from the word go...from the beginning.

Iran wants less to no US/EC sanctions. This is not a possibility for any US
government now or ever for US/political reasons.

Israel is the main nuclear threat to peace in the Middle East now and to World
Peace as long as Zionism and its goals obtain. A one-state. non-secular.
non-discriminatory state must replace it where all---ALL--- are equal including
participation, rules governing housing, land ownership, the entire apparatusf in governance, education, ministries, planning etc.

The US and spokespersons for Israel and US politicians are being hoodwinked
into joining the Israeli-Saudi-terrorist support (See Robert Parry, Consortium

More probable is that Iran will withdraw from the so-called "negotiations"
(in fact threats and demands from Israel and the US) and explore its options
in the East. (See articles by Peppe Escobar on China and planned on SCO).
Iran's continuation in PRN is up to Iran. (Neither Israel nor the US has signed and ratified PRN.)

Yes, "the friend of my enemy---Saudis, al-Quaeda-type terrorists) is my enemy".

-----Peter Loeb, Boston, MA, USA


I included in my email, to my Senator, the fact that Isreal, has the most nuclear weapons in the region, and that (in my humble opinion), there a bunch of Messianic nut jobs, trying to tear down the Domb, in a effort to bring an end to the world. I really do not believe that my Senator , was aware of these points. I have yet to hear back from Senator Casey. He is probably off courting the Israelis with Congressman Fatah. I hope they listen.
Jane Zacher
Philadelphia , PA Turtle Island


I think Mr. Abunimah underestimates what the friction over Bibi's speech to congress reveals. Of course, the USA is not particularly interested in the Palestinians (or democracy, or human rights, etc.) And as long as Israel was its key ally in the region, it was quite prepared to defend Israel's outrageous behavior with respect to the Palestinians. But Israel is losing its "key" ally status, and becoming "an ally". In that case, the USA will not spend as much effort (and reputation) defending everything that Israel does. That's why Israel is afraid of losing the guaranteed US veto. This change will take some time. but it is starting, and has significance for the Palestinian struggle.