Bizarre new iPhone app allows you to “Like Israel” even if few others do

A bizarre new iPhone app called Like Israel allows supporters of Israel to superimpose images of Benjamin Netanyahu and various pro-Israel slogans over photos they take with their mobile device.

The description states:

Like Israel allows you to add a ‘LIKE’ stamp on top of pictures you take in Israel. You simply point your iPhone camera on the object/view you want to take picture of, adjust the Like stamp, and take the picture. You’ll be able to also add a status and share it with your friends on Facebook and Twitter.

Mind you, you don’t have to be in “Israel” or to be particularly fond of it to use the app. I gave it a try. Judge the result for yourself.

Digital hasbara

An item about the app and its creators on the Hebrew website Nana10 states:

Like for Israel is an independent group of people who want to carry out digital hasbara [propaganda] for Israel. The group conducts a variety of hasbara activities online and maintains Facebook pages, YouTube and more.




I like that it looks like you could and would squash him.

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That is a lovely picture of you two!! :)

Oh and, Hasabra is a funny word no matter what the intentions were (re: digital hasabra).


Ali you should have put on the vampire teeth and dress them up with some ketchup, and pose in a menacing posture over Bibi's head. =]


this app can aslo be taken advantage off.....i might download it and put good old benji in some compromising positions and then post them


I think this goes to show how far behind the 8 ball Israel in the cyber world...... they have no idea how to counteract the overwhelming support Palestine has here...if this is the best they can do.... What a hoot......