Video: “We have hope” - New music from Gaza’s Revolution Makers

Ever since I first heard them perform live in Gaza City in May 2013, I have enthusiastically followed the work of the Palestinian hip-hop duo Revolution Makers, brothers Osama and Mohammed Elsusi.

Despite Israel’s summer massacre of more than 2,200 people and destruction of large parts of Gaza, they are still making music.

This is their latest track and video, aptly named, “We have hope.”

The video is beautifully but simply shot against a background of Gaza’s landscape.

In Arabic, subtitled in English, the first melodic lines of the lyrics are:

We have hope - for liberation of which we dream
We have consciousness we must fight for
We have Jerusalem – that needs to be in light
We have a homeland which hopes to be freed.

(You may have to click the “CC” button to enable English subtitles in the YouTube video above.)

The refrain returns to familiar themes for Revolution Makers – righteous anger at political stagnation, corruption and favoritism that frustrates not just national aspirations but personal dreams and the simple ability to make a living.

These are consistently talented and committed artists whose work is all the more remarkable for their being able to make it under the deteriorating conditions in still tightly besieged Gaza.




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