Sabra and Shatila: a recurring nightmare




I am from Vancouver,canada and I wanted to say that Sabra and Shatila should always be remembred. I was living in Montreal,canada when that barbaric act happened.I remember attending a rally in montreal in support of the People killed in Sabra and Shatila.This was a genocide that should not be forgotten.
The govs. of Canada ,USA and the EU are complicit in this genocide because of its support of Israel and of lying about protecting the people in Sabra and Shatila.Not much has changed since then in that regard.


Sabra and Shatila must not continue being merely a subject of commemoration. We must individually and collectively where possible seek accountability for this massacre. This should be possible, because genocide is a crime that can never be extinguished by the passing of time. Another reason why it should be possible to bring the criminals to justice is that the responsibility for this crime is clear. It lies not only with Israel and the Lebanese Christian Phalangists; it lies with crystal-clear clarity also with the UK government, the United States government, with the other permanent, veto-empowered member-states of the Security Council; and with all other states who are in league with the principal master-minds. Just think. Sabra and Shatila was perpetrated all of thirty-four years after 1948, when the Nakba mainly occurred. The United Nations had had all that time to reinstate the Nakba refugees, to ensure recompense for the property destroyed and stolen by the Jewish Agency and its terrorist accomplices and to ensure that justice was meted out to these barbarians. The incredible failure of the UN, and especially of the Security Council, IS something that citizens of all civilised countries can do something about. We CAN insist that our own governments realise that, as long as they try to make us forget this crime, they continue their treason against US. Because until this barbarity is universally recognised, investigated and punished, WE have no claim in International Law against any similar refugee situation in which WE are the victims.

Nidal El-Khairy