Hip hop (still) lives in Palestine - Listen to album preview

Mohammed Elsusi of the Gaza hip-hop duo Revolution Makers sent me this video previewing a forthcoming album that is a collaboration among several Gaza artists, called “Ongoing Culture” (Thaqafa Mustamirra).

The trailer features previews of at least three tracks and, from the sound of it, it’s going to be brilliant. Have a listen!

I was lucky enough to see Revolution Makers in a rare live performance in Gaza last May. I’m looking forward to this album that showcases the work of Elsusi and all the artists who worked on it.

The rappers who will be featured on the album are: Yousef al-Hilou, Nasser Obaid, Muhammad Abu Rass, Muhammad Qarmout, Aboud Harara, Ghassan Mohsen, Fares Ashour and Majd Antar.


From the video’s notes:

Album name: “Ongoing Culture” ثقافة مســـــــتمرة
Manage and Coordinate: PR.Palestinian Rapperz “Ayman Mghamis”
Recording by: Mashareq Studio
Beats by: Mohammed Elsusi
Mixed and Mastered: Mohammed Elsusi
Coaches: Ayman Mghamis - Mohammed Elsusi - Majd Antar

All songs will be published soon including English translation for each verse.

Much Respect and Blessing

Enjoy …