Video: A funny and devastating response to the lies of Israel’s Danny Ayalon

In 2011, then Israeli deputy foreign minister Danny Ayalon released an outrageous propaganda video called “The Truth About the West Bank.”

The video was anything but the truth: it denied the land was Palestinian and that it was occupied.

Today Visualizing Palestine released the above video as a rejoinder.

Called “The REAL truth about Palestine in response to Danny Ayalon,” it’s impressive, creative and very funny.

Credits: Dana Dajani, Lara Sawalha, Jamil Abu Wardeh




It does not matter, where is Palestine, or what ever name could have been given or should have been given to that piece of land. The fact of the matter, is that no Zionists, nor any Israeli could ever debate, the right of all those people who have been born, lived and died for centuries on that land ,from a grand fathers to grand children ,generation after generation. That , they can't ,nor ever will be able to deny on the Palestinians., They can call them what ever they wish, that will never change the fact, that they belong to the land, and they call themselves Palestinians. That is their ( the Israelis/Zionists) dilemma, as most of those foreign invaders from fare away lands could never call themselves that, no matter how much deception and fabricated fragmented history, they make up. Life has a cycle and the truth has a course, and both will meet at one point. They humane ones should just avoid disaster on them selves and on others.


Ali, for sake of accuracy please correct the tag line for this wonderful video -- Laura Sawalha is Jordanian-British - not Palestinian and people have taken notice of that --commenting on shares in fb, etc. (that's why am writing) -- but for me, I commented that it shows you don't have to be Palestinian to "get it " or do something about solidarity!


Did the Israelites of the land of Israel at their zenith co inhabit the land with others who were not Israelites, meaning not Jewish , and what had become of these non Jews .


But people like Ayalon will go on lying through their teeth, because that is the way they are brought up. To tell lie, upon lie, upon lie, until they seem to believe their own lies and they then formulate their foreign policy around those lies.
As misleading as the expression is, because there are far more Arabic speakers than there are Hebrew speakers, and a group of languages is what the word "Semitic" actually means, can they really be surprised at the rise in anti-Semitism around the world? Is stupidity an in-built characteristic of Zionists. One might even ask the question: Can lying make people stupid?
Israel calls itself the Jewish State. It is also an Apartheid state, and its unconscionable treatment of the Palestinians is hateful. So stop moaning about the rise of so-called anti-Semitism, Israel, and do something about it.
Stop lying to try to make your case, and start behaving like human beings.


Sooner or later Palestine will be free from the river to the sea
it just matter of time and that time I see it coming inshaalah