“May you be raped in your grave,” says new darling of Israel’s ruling Likud party

May Golan (right) with Israeli interior minister Gideon Saar (center) and Tel Aviv deputy mayor Arnon Giladi. (Source)

Note: This post includes quotes containing sexually explicit and violent language.

May Golan has been a regular presence at Tel Aviv rallies where Israeli politicians whip Jewish mobs into a frenzy of hatred against asylum-seekers and migrants from countries in Africa.

But she is no mere passive bystander. Golan, megaphone in hand, often incites hatred herself against Africans, accusing them of rape, murder, crime and of destroying the “Jewish state.”

“I am proud to be a racist,” she proclaimed at an October 2012 rally to demand the mass expulsion of Africans.

At a December 2012 rally, Golan tried to tear down tents the Tel Aviv municipality had permitted homeless people to erect in a park to survive the cold winter weather.

When confronted, she launched into a tirade that Africans were taking over the country and demanded to know, “Why don’t you see a single white kid on the swings?”

Rape culture

Members of the racist mob harassed a small group of Israeli leftists present to ensure that Africans were not attacked.

“Go find somebody to fuck you,” one man taunted a woman. “If you want to have ‘black sex’ I can give it to you.”

Marching around with her megaphone, Golan joined in the abuse. “She wants cock in the face,” Golan cried. “The ‘infiltrators’ [Africans] you help will give you cock in return.”

At another December 2012 rally, Golan shouted at a counter-demonstrator, “Just as women are raped, may you be raped in your grave.”

Golan was also present at the 17 September rally, captured on video by David Sheen, at which Africans were called “slaves” and children chanted “The people demand the expulsion of the Sudanese!” to the delight of their adult guardians (Golan is visible at 3:55).

Adopted by Likud

Golan has tried to parlay her street thuggery into a bona fide political career.

For a while she was associated with the “Strength for Israel” party of racist inciter Arye Eldad.

Then she launched an electoral list called “Hebrew City,” but after it was disqualified for reasons that are unclear, she endorsed the ruling Likud Party in the upcoming municipal elections.

Golan threw her weight behind the Likud party list headed by Tel Aviv deputy mayor Arnon Giladi whose own campaign is inciting religious hatred against Palestinians in the ethnically-cleansed city of Jaffa.

Likud, the party headed by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, hasn’t distanced itself from this dubious endorsement.

On the contrary, the Tel Aviv Likud branch announced the endorsement with pride on its official blog on 10 October and posted the photo above of Golan shaking hands with Giladi as Israeli Interior Minister Gideon Saar looks on.

Saar has enthusiastically adopted and continued the draconian anti-African policies of his predecessor Eli Yishai, who declared that Israel “belongs to us, to the white man.”

Likud also embedded on its blog a YouTube clip of Golan spewing hate at the 17 September rally.

Even more astonishing, Golan was appointed by Likud to its steering committee on African refugees.

Some have tried to dismiss the horrifying racism of the anti-African mobs in Tel Aviv as a marginal phenomenon repudiated by mainstream Israeli society.

But the embrace of May Golan by the ruling Likud party and some of its most senior figures exposes this excuse for what it is.

With thanks to David Sheen for research.




Peaceful Israeli's at it again. No better than the Taliban.


Your rantings need to be put in a dust bin somewhere. Your country wouldn't exist without the financial support of the US govt. But you ought to know that that support is purely political. It has nothing to do with your perverse interpretation of states rights. Your people steal land and rights from others, and you do it in the indignation and the arrogance of a supremist, a white supremist, ironically enough.


President Obama would do well to read the Electronic Intifada daily.


Keep it up.Even the zionist Christians of the West will be forced to see you as you are.A zionist ,racist, apartheid state that needs to be recognized finally by the world and be shamed into joining the human race,just like South Africa did finally,under the guidance of a giant of a human being,Nelson Mandela.


Bless your heart Mark.When I first heard about JVP,my heart had tears of joy as I did not not such an organization existed.The defeat of such hatred and racism, as we see in the state of Israel,must come from within ,and as of the Jewish persuasion,you can make a difference.Shalom.


So in Hebrew “May you be raped in your grave?” means something completely different from what it does in English?


It's a lucky thing that America is supporting its (so-called) "allies" and that at at last
the US has a black President who ...I leave the rest to you!
While the details of racial hatred are apalling, I was myself just as horrified
by our policies and actions although these were not as shocking in print.
Do you want to hear from a woman who is being tortured exactly what it feels like?
Instead Washington wants us to forget about the details. For "security reasons"?


It's hard to believe isn't it .


If Israel's treatment of African immigrants were more widely publicized in the US, I wonder whether African-American celebrities like Morgan Freeman and Alicia Keys would face a backlash from their fans for not honoring the cultural boycott. Something tells me that's wishful thinking, though.


I reside in Israel and I'm utterly disgusted with it, its so-called leaders (read: reckless ultra-capitalist war-mongers), its state-sanctioned lies and propaganda mechanisms. This place it on a fast track to become an orthodox-nationalist-racist haven for the "chosen people", as the sane and secular resistance pockets dwindle and are generally getting more and more lazy. Or, as I've seen someone say recently, and that person was undeniably correct, "the only ehtnocracy in the Middle East".

Of course, I can't really express my opinions openly here without being labeled a traitor (how am I betraying a place I am willingly dissociating myself with is beyond me). I just wish to offer my solidarity and give voice to hope that this failed "Israel" project will end someday.


If there is a dream, and I don't believe it is unrealistic, it is that people like you and Palestinians will create a just world in the Middle East one day. Inshallah.