Watch: “From Al-Araqib to Susiya” - Palestinians highlight Israel’s ongoing efforts to expel them

Today, 15 May, Nakba Day, Palestinians everywhere mark the 65th anniversary of their continuing expulsion and exile from their homeland.

A new short film, released to mark this date, features Palestinians talking about their experiences of ongoing forced removal from their lands and homes by Israel.

The film “documents a journey between the two villages and two communities, whose very existence on their land is under threat today” according to Adalah, the Legal Center for Arab Minority Rights in Israel, which produced it.

“It also demonstrates how, in the face of a single Israeli policy to forcibly displace Palestinians on both sides of the Green Line, the people are drawing on deep reserves of courage and steadfastness to remain on their land.”

The 15-minute documentary, in Arabic with English subtitles, includes the voices of Bedouins in the Naqab (Negev) village al-Araqib – which has been demolished 48 times just since July 2010, and Palestinians from Susiya, a village in the southern West Bank in an area heavily targeted for Israeli settlements.

The villagers featured in the film speak about constant harrassment and violence by settlers and soldiers as their land is taken away.

Many people in Susiya are now facing expulsion for a second or third time. One of the elders in the village, Sheikh Mohammad, was himself expelled from the Naqab in what he calls “the first Nakba” and now faces losing his home in Susiya.

Currently, tens of thousands more Palestinians – ostensibly citizens of Israel – face expulsion from their traditional lands under the so-called “Prawer Plan.”

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Obama is fine with eviction of the poor by the rich. But doesn't chemical warfare against civilians cross his red line?


It depends on who is using the chemical weapons or supplying them doesn't it red line, but the red line that amused me the most was the juvenile one on the bomb Netanyahu drew in front of the UN.