After UNRWA protest, Israel hides video falsely alleging firing from Gaza schools

@IDFSpokesperson Tweet containing the video which was made private after UNRWA’s protest.

The Israeli army has hidden from public view a YouTube video that suggested UN-run schools in Gaza were used as rocket launching bases after the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees (UNRWA) strongly denied the allegations.

UNRWA had objected to the Israeli army’s “creation” of animations depicting firing from schools. A search of the Israeli army’s official YouTube account revealed that the video condemned by UNRWA were no longer accessible.

Is this a tacit admission by Israel that the propaganda it posted was indeed false? No spokesperson from UNRWA was immediately available for comment.




given that only lies come from the mouths of israeli officials, why do we give any credence at all to anything they say? even their ally the former French president calls Netanyahu a liar!


Good post! Exposing Israel's allegations to be false is critical for shifting public opinion in the US.