EU “far away” from Israel sanctions, says foreign policy chief

I appeared on Al Jazeera English to talk about Israel’s new government which was sworn in on Sunday, after three general elections and more than a year of political stalemate.

It is headed by Likud Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Benny Gantz, the leader of the Blue and White party.

The coalition agreement calls for the men to trade places as prime minister after 18 months.

It also allows the government to push ahead with annexation of large parts of the occupied West Bank, likely within months.

Though bitter rivals on a personal level, the pair are no strangers to working closely together to advance anti-Palestinian goals: Netanyahu was prime minister and Gantz was army chief when Israel launched its 2014 war on Gaza, killing more than 2,200 Palestinians, including 550 children.

Gantz, like Netanyahu, supports West Bank annexation, though as I noted in the interview, the leaders may quibble about minor tactical details.

I was asked whether recent statements from Jordan’s King Abdullah warning that annexation would lead to “massive conflict” would have any restraining effect on Israel.

I noted that such warnings – which various leaders have been sounding for years – count for nothing if not accompanied by action.

Jordan, for example, has signed a multi-billion dollar deal to buy natural gas from Israel. Despite its deep unpopularity with the Jordanian public and parliament, the government in Amman has insisted on pressing ahead with it.

I also pointed out that some European Union diplomats have recently made noises about sanctions, but that this too should not be taken seriously, given the EU’s unrelenting and unconditional support for Israel.

An indeed last Wednesday, EU foreign policy chief Josep Borrell confirmed that the 27-nation bloc is “far away from discussing about sanctioning” Israel.

For these reasons, Israel has little to fear from the so-called international community as it forges ahead with efforts to complete the colonization of Palestine.




Does nobody care about Palestine, not even other Arabs or Muslims?
How can countries hate a people so much they are willing to see Israeli Zionist commit genocide. Killing a whole nation and just not care what is happening.
The countries in the EU, Middle East and other are an inhuman evil that should be ashamed
If they don't care what happens in this life they should definitely worry what will happen in the next.
You will get paid back for your evil ways.


Ali Abunima and Sam Bahour are the only persons I know who have the courage to speak the truth about Palestine. Sam Bahour should be the new president of Palestine, and those now in power should
resign and hide their face in shame.
Ali Abunima speaks the truth every time he speaks privately or publically. Blessings on that man! May
he have a long and healthy life! And may his words move those in power to ACT rather than TALK>