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If not the governments, people around the world do speak: protect Khader Adnan

I have heard of Israel’s “men of peace” and “democracy” from the news since I was a child. I, however, have never felt or seen anything that could relate to such false, and indeed, useless allegations. As I write this, Gaza drowns in darkness. I write as a frenzied power generator roars upstairs causing not only an irritating noise but further damage to the environment too. 

Zionist tourists harass Palestinian residents in Hebron

If you’re beaten up, harassed, or verbally attacked for no reason, know that you’re in an area under Israeli colonial control. Indeed, one must find this irrational. Physics suggest that “to every action there is always an equal and opposite reaction.” This could apply to most life cases too. When you’re in the Occupied Palestinian Territories or Israel, however, you obviously “provoke” a reaction by simply being Palestinian.