Midnight calls ring Gazan phones

Israel seems to be dissatisfied with all the killing and destruction it has been carrying out in the past few days in Gaza.

Drones have been buzzing over our heads at very low altitude setting our nerves on fire. F-16s have been patrolling the sky and bombs have been falling down on whatever place Israel deems as “suspicious.”  

Yet, Israel wouldn’t stop there. Our phones are constantly receiving a barrage of calls from the Israeli intelligence asking us to report to them names and locations of Palestinian freedom fighters. If we do report, we will be prized with thousands of dollars in return.

“The information you provide will be kept in full secrecy,” an Arabic-speaking Zionist on the other end says in very professional accent.

It is obvious that Israel is trying to terrorize the people of Gaza even further as these calls usually come late into the night. It doesn’t matter if a very lovely dream was suddenly shattered by a recorded voice message tossed over to you by an Israeli intelligence agent. At some point, you will be an entertaining object of a bored Israeli who enjoys dialing random Palestinian numbers. It doesn’t really matter if it hit the phone of a 13-year-old Palestinian. After all, when did Israel care for our children?

It is so lame the assumption Israel is making here. Yet, it is understandable. A materialistic state like Israel can never fathom that freedom cannot be sold. For Palestinians, our lives, hopes, and resistance are the currency we use to wrest our freedom. But how would Israel understand?