Day 138 roundtable: Catastrophe in Khan Younis, occupation on trial at ICJ

On day 138 of Israel’s genocidal attacks on Gaza, human rights lawyer Craig Mokhiber joined us to talk about the latest developments in relation to Palestine at the International Court of Justice.

Mokhiber resigned last October from the UN human rights office to protest the world body’s inaction in the face of the unfolding genocide in Gaza.

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We were also joined by Dr. Thaer Ahmad, a Palestinian American emergency room doctor who recently spent three weeks volunteering at Nasser Hospital in Khan Younis.

Based in Chicago, Dr. Ahmad traveled to Gaza as part of a team sent by MedGlobal, a charity that provides emergency response and health programs to build resilience among vulnerable communities around the world.

Since his return from Gaza, Nasser hospital has been put out of service by Israel’s brutal siege and attacks on the facility, its patients, staff and people sheltering there.

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Why is the BBC relying on Israeli spies for its reporting on Palestine? Asa Winstanley told us about an apparent attempt by the British government-backed broadcaster to smear prominent Palestinians in the UK that has fallen flat.

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Jon Elmer talked about the latest military developments by the Palestinian resistance in Gaza, and by Yemeni forces and their humanitarian intervention in the Red Sea.

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And I gave a brief news update from Gaza, highlighting a report by Maureen Clare Murphy on the US blocking a ceasefire demand at the UN Security Council as well as features by Gaza contributors Hassan Ahmad Abu Sitta and Ruwaida Amer.

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With Ali Abunimah, Nora Barrows-Friedman, Jon Elmer, Tamara Nassar and Asa Winstanley


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