Video: Israeli soldiers blindfold and arrest young boy in Hebron

A two-minute video uploaded to YouTube yesterday by the International Solidarity Movement shows a blindfolded Palestinian boy being led away by two heavily-armed Israeli soldiers in the occupied West Bank city of Hebron that same day.

Israeli soldiers demand to see the passports of internationals observing the arrest of the child. The soldiers tear the passports from the internationals’ hands and soon they are flanked by persons who appear to be Jewish settlers.

Armed Israeli soldier leads blindfolded boy

Human rights volunteers say the boy, 14, was arrested by Israeli soldiers at his home. (Source)

“Go today!” a soldier repeatedly shouts at the woman holding the video camera. A man, presumably a settler, approaches and the woman asks the soldier, “Who is this man?” The man answers in English with a North American accent, “Who are you? I live here.”

Another man in civilian clothes carrying a large gun approaches the woman in an aggressive manner. Soon more settlers come to the scene, as if they were backing up the Israeli army.

An email from Christian Peacemaker Teams sent to The Electronic Intifada today says that the boy shown blindfolded in the video is fourteen years old and was arrested at his home.

The email adds that after the home arrest:

The soldiers then walked him, still blindfolded and handcuffed, to another checkpoint a block away and shut him into that checkpoint box. After about 15 minutes they walked him to an Israeli Army Base. Internationals who tried to follow were stopped by soldiers who called them “nazi pigs.” Several adult armed settlers were also present and were aggressive and threatening.

After another 15 minutes soldiers put the boy in a military jeep and drove him to checkpoint 56, and released him to Palestinian officials on the other side.

Last week Christian Peacemaker Teams released a report titled “Occupied Childhoods: Impact of the actions of Israeli soldiers on Palestinian children in H2 (Occupied Hebron) during February, March and April 2013,” focusing on the violations of rights of Palestinian children in Hebron.

“Human rights workers in H2, the portion of the city under Israeli military control, have witnessed 47 detentions or arrests of children age 15 and under by soldiers since the start of February,” according to Christian Peacemaker Teams.

“Other violations documented in the report include conducting war training when children are present, delaying children and teachers as they pass checkpoints to access schools, detaining children in adult facilities, questioning children without the presence of an adult, and blindfolding children in detention.”

Israeli forces arrested 27 children outside an Hebron elementary school during a single incident last month, according to the group.




It is impossible to watch a scene like this without becoming sickened by the blatant nastiness of these US settlers. To think that they can behave this way, that they are protected, rather than everyone else being protected from's an outrage.
If they believe they will get away with this indefinitely, they are wrong.
But who would want people like that anywhere in the world? I pity the Israelis who will have them as neighbours, but better they than the Palestinians.


The behaviour of the soldiers and settlers is quite chilling. The bearded settler's attitude was one that prohibited even talking to him. This is really serious and has got to be stopped. The poor child looked traumatised. The whole set-up there is criminal. There should be a heightened campaign specifically to remove all the settlers and settlements around Hebron. This is true fascism at work and it must be highlighted.


I still can't believe we are financially supporting isreal.. We should put sanctions on these country for every illegal move they do inside or outside of isreal. I'm not against the people of isreal, I'm against the people that follow this inhuman behavior that includes the government. Come people of my great and powerful country(USA ) we are the only ones that can stop this illegal occupation and illegal behavior towards the palestanians. How would we feel if we were occupied illegally by a different country and treated like people from another world. This is not right!!, come on USA lets do this, lets find a way to open up the truth and help the palestanians feel how we all should feel with free and with peace. We all know it could be done. Other countries get sanctioned for there illegal moves so should isreal.


What do you expect from Zionist occupiers?!
The world must unite & fight the racist ,apartheid ,Israeli Zionists. 65 years of occupation is too long.
Long live solidarity with Palestinians!
Down with Israeli Zionists!


...and the US government gives billions of dollars to Israeli military to inflict pain to people.

Maureen Clare Murphy

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Maureen Clare Murphy is senior editor of The Electronic Intifada.