Get inspired and submit to right of return art and writing competition

Third-place winner for best Nakba commemoration poster, 2012, by Mustafa Akram Badr in Battir, occupied West Bank.

The Palestinian refugee rights group BADIL is currently soliciting submissions to its seventh annual Al-Awda Award Competition for cash prizes in four categories: best Nakba commemoration poster (commemorating the 1948 ethnic cleansing and dispossession of historic Palestine); best caricature for World Refugee Day; best youth photography; and best children’s story.

The deadline for submissions to the best poster competition is 12 April; the submission deadline for the other awards is 31 May. The prizes for the winning works will be awarded during World Refugee Day on 4 July. The contest is open to all, regardless of nationality, place of residence, or age.

For more details on how to submit to the Seventh Al-Awda Award Competition, visit the registration page on BADIL’s website.

For some inspiration, do check out the previous award-winning images on BADIL’s Facebook page — see a gallery of last year’s winning contributions here.

Some works awarded during past years are also displayed at the top of this page and below, courtesy of BADIL.

First-place winner for photography, 2011, by Alaa Al Saidi, Santiago (Chile).

First-place winner for photography, 2012, by Muhammad Nidal Abu Aker, Aida Refugee Camp, occupied West Bank.

Third-place winner for photography, 2011, by Andrea and Magda in Italy.

Third-place winner for caricature, 2012, by Rashad Muhammad Abedallah Al-Sama’ie in Yemen.

First-place winner for caricature, 2012, by Khader Majdi Khader Al-Kerdie in the occupied Gaza Strip.

Third-place winner for caricature, 2011, by Haneen Al Amsee in the occupied Gaza Strip.




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