Hisham and Mounis: from besieged Gaza to US immigration jail

Author’s note: All of the dialogue in this short comic was derived either from conversations I had with Hisham and Mounis during December 2015 at the prison in Florence, Arizona, or from the writings and interviews contained in their case files. Though I sometimes paraphrased things they said or created composites of several different quotations, I did my best not to put words in their mouths, both literally and figuratively. This is their story, in their own words (with some of my commentary).

Hisham and Mounis are still fighting for their freedom in the Florence SPC (Service and Processing Center) in Arizona. They are each being held on $9,000 bond, and two lawyers from the Tucson office of the Council on American-Islamic Relations have recently taken on their cases.

For more information on Hisham and Younis, visit their Facebook page. An online petition calling for their release is available at the #Not1More website.




Such a powerful depiction, and so sad and distressing. A perfect example of art as education/resistance/political tool.

Leila Abdelrazaq

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Leila Abdelrazaq is a Chicago-based artist, organizer, and author of the graphic novel Baddawi. You can view her work on her website.