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A year after Juliano Mer-Khamis' murder, DAM hip hop video celebrates his life, calls for justice

A year after the unsolved murder of actor, director and theater maker Juliano Mer-Khamis near the Freedom Theatre he helped nurture in Jenin, Palestinian hip hop group DAM have released a new single and video celebrating his life and calling for his killers to be found. 

Israelis who sign petition for "Danish refugees" recoil in horror when asked to sign for Sudanese

Stop deportation of Danish refugees, except they aren’t Danish. A two-minute video exposes mainstream racism in the Israeli society in an excellent way, it shows how a European refugee would get the support and sympathy of the Israeli society, but an African refugee would be labeled with “disgusting” and “disease,” and should be expelled for being an “ethnic problem.” 

Attack dogs against unarmed Palestinians in Kufr Qaddoum and breaking a journalist's camera in Al-Ma'asara

It is yet another Friday where demonstrations get brutally attacked by Israel’s military in the occupied West Bank. In today’s demonstration in Kufr Qaddoum, Israeli soldiers released military hounds to attack unarmed Palestinian protesters. One dog bit a Palestinian activist and didn’t let go of his hand for several minutes, even when the dog’s handler ordered the dog to let go. The injured Palestinian, Ahmad Shtewi, was arrested by Israeli soldiers even when he was clearly in need of immediate medical attention. 

Black people against Zionism, Black people against Apartheid

Yesterday, Aljazeera Stream’s episode was titled ‘Blackwashing’ and the Israel lobby, it hosted Journalist Max Blumenthal and BreitBart.com editor Ben Shapiro. You can watch the whole episode on The Stream and see Shapiro trying to evade the topic at hand and purposelessly attacking Blumenthal, the episode was very interesting, it is embedded here: 

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