Watch: Spoof ad from Finland takes aim at SodaStream

Artists in Finland have produced this clever and funny one-minute spoof ad for SodaStream.

“SodaScream – Bubble trouble,” as the ad is called, takes aim (pun intended!) at the company that manufactures fizzy-drink machines in the illegal Israeli colony of Maaleh Adumim in the occupied West Bank.

Earlier this year, Hollywood star Scarlett Johansson was at the center of a media storm over her endorsement deal with the company.

She later resigned from her position as global ambassador for the charity Oxfam, which declared that her deal with the occupation profiteer SodaStream was “incompatible” with her humanitarian role.

The video’s makers have set up a website – that provides brief, clear explanations of why SodaStream’s activities are problematic and urges people to contact the company.




Nice ad, but a shame a real unit had to be bought for it.


Hello, I am a subscriber and sometime contributor to your site and I wondered if you can help with a rebuttal to the claim by Israelis that Hamas has threatened genocide against the Jews. I am wondering if it is similar to the claim that the President of Iran stated that he would wipe Israel off the face of the map until many scholars pointed out that he didn't say that but something like "disappear in the mists of time".

Keep up the good work.