Watch: BDS campaigner Omar Barghouti lecture and conversation with Amy Goodman in Santa Fe

On 1 February 2013, Omar Barghouti, a founder of the Palestinian movement for boycott, divestment and sanctions (BDS) on Israel, spoke in Santa Fe sponsored by the Lannan Foundation as part of its In Pursuit of Cultural Freedom series.

This was followed by a conversation between Barghouti and Democracy Now’s Amy Goodman.

The video above is the conversation between Barghouti and Goodman (35 minutes), and the video below is of Barghouti’s lecture (55 minutes).

These are great videos to watch whether you know a lot or a little about the BDS movement. The conversation between Barghouti and Goodman, in particular, focuses on questions about academic and cultural boycott.

Barghouti also spoke about the “thuggish” efforts in the United States to shut down BDS efforts and likened some critics of BDS to the “white liberals” Martin Luther King Jr. once identified as an obstacle to the movement for Civil Rights.

In the manner “typical” of other settler-colonial societies like apartheid South Africa or French Algeria before, Barghouti said that Israeli society today is in a “garrison mentality” and “abnormal” and “psychotic.” But, he argued, international solidarity in the form of BDS supporting internal struggle can “bring it to its senses.”

Barghouti’s 7 February appearance at Brooklyn College along with philosopher Judith Butler was the subject of intense but unsuccessful calls for censorship by some public officials in New York. You can listen to Alex Kane’s account of that event on The Electronic Intifada Podcast and read the text of Judith Butler’s speech.




Liberal Zionists? what are these? No Zionists should be considered friends of Palestine.
As for the US "thuggish" pro Israel behaviour of US "lawmakers", it is interesting to read Laura Flanders' article on Kathy Kelly in Afghanistan, which was not mentioned in the Hagel hearings, while Israel got 170 mentions. This is hard to overcome and bring truth to US people.