US bears responsibility for Israel’s genocidal crimes

I appeared on Al Jazeera English to discuss the unfolding historic events in Palestine, where on the early morning of 7 October, Palestinian resistance forces led by Hamas in Gaza carried out an unprecedented surprise assault.

As Israel counted some 250 dead and acknowledged that dozens of its soldiers and citizens had been detained by the resistance groups in Gaza, the toll from its revenge attacks on Palestinians has been rising rapidly.

Ominously, Israeli leaders have been making what I told Al Jazeera were more or less explicitly genocidal threats.

I told the channel that if Israel does invade Gaza, it will undoubtedly cause horrific death and destruction, as Israel has done for decade after decade.

But that will not change the fundamental reality: Israel is a colonial power and the Palestinian people are engaged in a just liberation war similar to the anti-colonial struggles in Vietnam and across Africa, apartheid South Africa in more recent decades.

The escalating bloodshed is what this commentator and many others have long predicted. It is the inevitable result of Israel being given total impunity for decades to do to the Palestinian people whatever it wishes.

And in the context of Israel’s genocidal threats, the renewed pledges of unconditional support for Israel from the US and European states makes those governments direct accomplices in whatever comes next.

Watch the interview above.