Joe Biden aims to strengthen anti-Palestine, anti-Iran alliance

What was the purpose of Joe Biden’s visit to Israel and Saudi Arabia?

In my interview with Al Jazeera English on Thursday, I explained that the president’s tour was to shore up a crumbling and blood-soaked US hegemonic order and reinforce the regional anti-Palestinian and anti-Iran alliance.

That US-led alliance has Israel at its core, but also includes anti-Palestinian Arab dictatorships that are in the pockets of Tel Aviv and Washington.

We also talked about Biden’s deep committment to Palestinian subjugation and his determined efforts to help Israel cover up the murder of Al Jazeera correspondent Shireen Abu Akleh in May.

Faced with the history of war and chaos sown by Washington since the end of World War II, I told Al Jazeera we can only hope that the ongoing decline of the United States as a global hegemon will finally free people of the region from ongoing horror.

Watch the six-minute interview above.




Ali Abunimah is, as always, forthright, to the point, factual, and thoroughly honest in defense of the peoples of Palestine. He is inspiring.


Joe Biden doesn't care about Palestinians, Iranians, Ukrainians (though the pretense/pretext is there), or any other peoples in the world. Mr. Biden does what he does best, he does what is expedient, and gravitates toward those with political clout, money, and power. He could care less about Shireen Abu Akleh, or the thousands of Palestinians/Arabs that are brutally murdered by Zionist Israelis each and every year.
Since the Zionist/Israel Lobby has the political clout, money, and power, and the full support of the MSM, et al, he will follow their line of thought and act the way they expect and want him to act (he cozies up to Saudi Arabia--remember he was going to make that country a "pariah" state--because he knows the U.S. needs their oil). Remember too, the Ukraine was brought to you by none other than Joe Biden, Victoria Nuland, and Barack Obama, back in 2014.
Mr. Biden was, is, and will always be a consummate political animal/political opportunist. He does what he does simply to survive.