Images disprove Israeli official’s denial that Palestinians shot down drone over Gaza

Video posted on YouTube from Al-Aqsa TV shows a drone that Palestinian resistance fighters say they shot down over Gaza.

Israeli government spokesman Ofir Gendelman tweeted, “The drone that Hamas showed on TV is not Israeli and is not in service in the IDF. This is another failed Hamas PR prop.”

However examination of images of the drone suggest it is Gendelman who is lying. In the TV clip, the anchor identifies the downed drone as a “Skylite B,” an unmanned aerial vehicle made by the Israeli weapons firm Rafael.

Compare the screenshots below from the Al-Aqsa TV clip with the image of the Skylite B from the Rafael website and marketing brochure and decide for yourself who is telling the truth.

Official images of Rafael “Skylite B”

Screenshots of drone shown on Al-Aqsa TV

You will note, comparing with the images above, the similarities in the overall form and specifically the tail, the wing shape, the shape of the wing flap and the nose. The close ups of the tail shows damage that suggests the drone may have been brought down by small arms fire.




Nice bit of reporting, well done!

Please share your post or sources with The Guardian newspaper, through a serious of clicks and retweets from there I found you, might be worth alerting them directly. You can probably just post to their twitter and they'll pick it up.

Be safe my brother!


i don't understand, since when is it a crime to shoot down the criminal war crimals drones?
it would be an excellent development if the palestinains could shoot them suckers down


It looks similar enough that an untrained model-maker could make it, but it is clearly not a real drone of this make. Notice the two large dots in the middle of the aircraft towards the back of the wings, which are not found on the Rafael pictures? Clearly this is not from damage as these things would not simply have fallen off. Any response to this or is it preferable to just accept that the Israelis are lying and that Hamas only speaks the truth...


Usually, when a plane is shot down, when something is hit with an explosive device and suffers heavy impact damage, usually, it doesn't look like its just came out of the box.

This drone would be in pieces, charred and dirty if it was shot down. It isn't, so it wasn't

I do admit though that that is definitely a Rafael UAV