Activism and BDS Beat

VIDEO: The BDS movement and strategic actions for justice

Remi Kanazi, professor Sunaina Maira and Ali Abunimah lay out the current strategies of the current global BDS movement led by Palestinian civil society, and analyzed the movement’s gains as well as the mounting backlash against BDS actions and activists. 

Palestinian students ask South African counterparts: Boycott Israeli tour on your campuses

The Palestinian Students’ Campaign for the Academic Boycott of Israel and Palestinian Youth Against Israeli Apartheid have issued a call to their counterparts in South Africa to boycott a forthcoming tour of several South African university campuses by dozens of Israeli students designed to burnish Israel’s image. The Palestinian students write: 

US trade unionists support Palestinian call for military sanctions on Israel

Following last week’s call by Palestinians for immediate military sanctions on Israel, “similar to that imposed against apartheid South Africa in the past,” US trade union members released a statement announcing full support of the call, BDS, and the right of return. 

Rights groups: anti-boycott law "effectively a legal annexation of W. Bank"

Human rights groups in Israel are protesting the new Israeli law passed yesterday which “prohibits boycott of businesses, universities, and social and cultural institutions based in Israel and the illegal settlements, and imposes heavy financial sanctions against civil society organizations and businesses that participate in boycotts.” 

Independent trade unions in Egypt endorse BDS

The Egyptian Independent Union Federation affirmed solidarity with the Palestinian people and upheld a commitment to “reject any form of normal relations” with Israel, including gas supply agreements that have been in place since Mubarak was empowered. 


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