Palestinian Queers for BDS

Pinkwashing and the Israeli ads that wipe Palestine off the map

Two of the UK’s bestselling lifestyle magazines aimed at gay men have published the controversial Israeli advert that wipes Palestine and Syria off the map. Last Sunday I wrote about the “Think Israel” advertising campaign underway here in the UK. The Guardian received hundred of complaints after running a glossy advert that included a map in which the occupied Palestinian and Syrian territories appear annexed to Israel. But it has now emerged that Attitude and Gay Times have both published the same advert (December and January issues respectively). Below are scans of all four pages of the ad as it appeared in Attitude, as a fold-out inside the front cover. 

Palestinian queer groups: "major BDS victory" as int'l queer youth group withdraws meeting from Israel

IGLYO, the international queer youth and student organization, recently announced its decision to withdraw its General Assembly from Israel. Palestinian queer groups welcomed the announcement, but urge IGLYO to take further steps in support of human rights by heeding the BDS call. 

Pinkwashing and the Gay International

The International Gay and Lesbian Youth Organization (IGLYO) announced this week that it will host its upcoming General Assembly in Israel with direct Israeli government financial sponsorship. Since March, activists have appealed to the IGLYO board of directors, but IGLYO clearly intend to violate the Palestinian civil society call for boycott, divestment and sanctions.