Na’eem Jeenah

Speakers at Capetown meeting compare situation in Palestine with South African apartheid

Representatives of civil society concerned with the resolution of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict met in Cape Town today to explore the role of civil society in supporting a peaceful solution of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. During the meeting, a number of speakers described the similarities and differences between the Palestinian and South African struggles and urged the conference to call for a boycott of products from Jewish settlements. International isolation, internal resistance, underground movement and armed resistance, pillars of the South African struggle, should be kept in mind when talking about a platform for a solution to the Palestinian question. 

South African speaker says Israel is apartheid state

Anti-apartheid activist Na’eem Jeenah presented a lecture at McGill University in Montreal entitled “The African Apartheid and the Palestinian Plight.” During his lecture Jeenah made mention of various practices of the South African government during apartheid and showed how these practices share commonalities with the current Israeli government’s treatment of the Palestinian people.