Jewish Federations of North America

Jewish Federation of LA and ZOA host anti-Muslim inciter Pamela Geller at pro-Israel event

In a truly stunning example of the marriage between pro-Israel advocacy and open incitement against Muslims, two prominent pro-Israel groups are hosting Pamela Geller, the anti-Muslim demagogue who inspired the beliefs of, and in turn defended Norway mass killer Breivik. 

Israel lobby group Iran180 “sodomizes” Ahmadinejad effigy with nuke at San Francisco Pride

A float at San Francisco Pride, sponsored by a pro-Israel group, used intentionally humiliating sexual depictions of Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. While purporting to defend the rights and dignity of queer people, the display sought to ridicule Ahmedinejad by associating him with gay identity and homosexuality in negative ways. 

Gaza children's images of war censored under pressure from US Israel lobby

Pro-Israel organizations pressured an Oakland children’s museum to cancel an upcoming exhibition of drawings made by Palestinian children in the Gaza Strip. Community leaders say the shutting down of the exhibition is the result of a disturbing — and well-funded — campaign to silence Palestinian voices across the US.