Western press and addressing grievances in Gaza

How Western press tries to divert attention from the real suffering that should be addressed in Gaza resulting from Israel’s inhuman policy toward the Palestinians. Issues like “abuse of Gaza women’s rights” and “the rising middle class” are quite ridiculous to deal with at a time when the people of the Gaza Strip, both wealthy and poor, are woken from their sleep by Israeli warplanes bombing their neighborhoods. 


First of all, I would like to say that all my thoughts and prayers go to the Palestinians suffering in Gaza tonight! I am heartbroken, the news is the reason I’ve been depressed for the last two days. I rarely get depressed, but when I read the news of innocent Palestinians dying in Jerusalem and Gaza, I couldn’t hold my tears. 

Video: Israeli police officer slaps Palestinian woman lawyer on Nakba day

A video posted on Youtube shows an Israeli police officer slapping a woman. The Arabic title of the video says: “Aggression of an Israeli officer against the lawyer Maysa Irshaid, 15 May.” Separately, the Public Committee Against Torture in Israel (PCATI) issued a press statement received by The Electronic Intifada by email that appears to describe the incident depicted in the video. The slap is clearly visible toward the end of the brief, 43 second video. 

Israel lobby strikes again as Seattle billboards are canceled?

You may recall that in January the Seattle Mideast Awareness Campaign had contracted with the local bus company to place ads calling for an end to aid to Israel on area public buses. However, under Zionist pressure, King County officials, responsible for the bus system, reneged on the contract and censored the ads before they appeared. This prompted the ACLU to sue the local authorities. 

Pew poll: Majority of Egyptians want peace treaty with Israel canceled

More than half of Egyptians want their country’s peace treaty with Israel annulled. That is the finding of a new poll by the Pew Research Center’s Pew Global Attitudes Project. This will be a bitter disappointment for those who have been saying that the Arab uprisings have ‘nothing to do with Israel’ or would even be to the advantage of Israel. 

Speaking out on Kashmir and Palestine in the US

The United States has become a battleground for both the struggles of the peoples of Palestine and Kashmir, for freedom from military occupation and for justice. Awareness amongst the US public is broadened as the repression of both struggles grows ever more violent, and meanwhile those wishing to stifle debate on these issues in the US resort to harassment and intimidation.