Palestinians express solidarity to NYC 'Occupy' camp before raid; Activist in tweet controversy linked to Israel PR groups

Activists delivered a statement of solidarity from Palestinians to the Occupy Wall Street camp in New York City shortly it was was demolished by police, and an OWS activist who played a role in the deletion of an OWS tweet supporting the aid flotilla to Gaza has ties to a conservative lobbyist and Israel PR groups 

Behind Brand Israel: Israel's recent propaganda efforts

“The Delegitimization Challenge” report from the influential Israeli think tank the Reut Institute has put the spotlight on efforts by Israel and the Zionist lobby to counter the growing movement for justice in Palestine, and specifically, the boycott, divestment and sanctions campaign. The work done by Reut has rightly attracted attention, but it is only one (particularly prominent) example of a wider trend, as the Israeli government and global Zionist groups mobilize to fight the threat to the apartheid system. Ben White analyzes for The Electronic Intifada.