Europe's airlines enforce Israeli travel ban on activists hoping to repair Palestinian schools

Thousands of international solidarity activists were set to fly to Tel Aviv in a coordinated effort to volunteer with Palestinian initiatives in the occupied West Bank. However, Israel coordinated with European airlines to cancel many activists’ tickets. 

Activists in "fly-in" action to Tel Aviv arrested, detained; Palestinian civil society orgs call for military embargo on Israel

Activists are detained and arrested while trying to enter Ben Gurion airport during the “fly-in” action; while Palestinian civil society groups officially call for a full military embargo against Israel. 

Suspected Citizens: Racial Profiling against Arab Passengers by Israeli Airports and Airlines

The Arab Association for Human Rights (HRA) and the Center Against Racism (hereinafter “the investigating organizations”) have accumulated numerous complaints submitted by Arab citizens relating to discriminatory security inspections they have undergone at the hands of security personnel, despite the fact that they did not pose the slightest security risk to the other passengers. These travelers have never been suspected of security offenses and nothing in their past could justify such special treatment.