USA Today

EI's Ali Abunimah in USA Today's "Talk Today"

This week’s devastating violence between Israel and the Palestinians appears to have rendered the eight-week-old truce, or hudna, null and void. After Thursday’s killing of a senior Hamas official by Israel in retaliation for a suicide bombing of a bus in Jerusalem which 20 people died. The Islamic militant group Hamas threatened revenge and formally abandoned the cease-fire. EI’s Ali Abunimah answers questions from readers of USA Today on what it takes “to stop the violence between Israel and the Palestinians.” 

US activist, Rachel Corrie, 23, killed by IDF bulldozer in Gaza

“Rachel was alone in front of the house as we were trying to get them to stop. She waved for the bulldozer to stop and waved. She fell down and the bulldozer kept going. We yelled, ‘Stop, stop,’ and the bulldozer didn’t stop at all. It had completely run over her and then it reversed and ran back over her.” An American International Solidarity Movement activist was killed today while protesting and trying to prevent a house demolition in Gaza.