Trade Union Friends of Palestine

Irish union passes motions in support of Palestine

At its Biennial Delegate Conference in May 2008 the public sector union IMPACT passed two motions criticizing Israeli suppression of the Palestinian people and calling for a boycott of Israeli goods and services. The motions also called for divestment from those companies engaged in or profiting from the occupation as well as an education campaign to raise awareness of the plight of the Palestinian people. 

Irish Congress of Trade Unions calls for boycott and divestment

The Irish Congress of Trade Unions — representing trade unions and trades councils from the whole island of Ireland — have today passed two motions on Palestine that are extremely critical of the actions of the Israeli government in its oppression of the Palestinian people. The two motions condemn Israel for its human rights abuses, its policy of ethnic cleansing and its war crimes. The motions have been proposed by Belfast Trades Council and by Derry Trades Council. Both motions go into considerable detail about the suffering endured by the Palestinian people under Israeli occupation. 

Boycott and divestment gains ground in Northern Ireland

Northern Ireland’s biggest trade union, the Northern Ireland Public Service Alliance, unanimously passed all five motions on Palestinian solidarity discussed at the 2007 annual delegate conference. These motions contained: severe condemnation of Israel, a commitment to boycott and divestment and support for Trade Union Friends of Palestine and the Enough campaign against Israeli Occupation. NIPSA has been at the forefront of the campaign within the trade union movement in Northern Ireland to raise awareness of the Palestinian cause.