Mrabba Electroni[c]que: Global Lebanon Web Jam

Live audio/video streaming transmission from Waag Society in Amsterdam, in direct connection with Beirut and surrounding localities. The event was initiated by Streamtime, a web support campaign for Iraqi bloggers. After one month of violence and carnage, this Global Web Jam brings together live interviews and conversations, video clips, cartoons and blog blurbs, soundscapes, DJs and VJs, a lively mix of information, art, protest, party and reflection. We feature the voices, images stories, reports and initiatives from Lebanon and beyond, with participation of activists, artists, bloggers, journalists, musicians and many others. 

Beirut Streamtime: Global Webcast

Outraged at Israel’s ongoing aggression on Lebanon - which since July 12 2006 has killed over 900 people (mostly civilians), displaced nearly one million people (1/4 of Lebanon’s entire population), and wrecked Lebanon’s infrastructure and economy - we say: khalas! enough! We call for an immediate end to the violence and destruction. We call on the international community to open its eyes - and on you to make your voice heard. With our fellow activists, artists and other bloggers in Lebanon - and input from Iraq - we will produce a collaborative global webcast on Saturday August 12, from 9 to 11 p.m. Central European Time/10-12 p.m. Lebanon time.