Samah Idriss

We All Want to Live!

But here, in the heart of Beirut, the atmosphere seems quite different. The Opposition is in the streets, holding a sit-in until the formation of a “national union” or “national unity” government or until Fuad Siniora�s government is toppled. Sunni�Shi�a agitation has reached a peak, despite assurances that Lebanon cannot be “Iraqized” [in the past, we have heard assurances that Iraq cannot be “Lebanonized”]. A martyr [whom government supporters described as having been “killed”] has fallen from the opposition ranks. The wounded number in the tens. A Western newspaper talks about new weaponary that has arrived at the Internal Security Forces from an Arab country [United Arab Emirates] in order to counter the influence of “Hezbollah” and Iran. 

Lebanon...What I Pity

I write these words as the Israeli aggression against Lebanon enters its seventh day, following military operation by the Islamic Resistance which resulted in the capture of two Israeli soldiers and the killing of seven more. I flip through the television channels and the newspaper pages. It all makes me say, “What a pity, Lebanon.” Yet, I do not say this because I see Lebanon “stuck in a war created by the machinations of the Syrian-Iranian axis.” Such is the claim made by those who either neutralize Lebanon from the Israeli-Arab conflict, among them the February 14th bloc, or make its participation in that conflict contingent on the participation of all other Arab countries.