Robert E. Foxsohn

NGO Monitor should not be taken seriously

NGO Monitor, founded by the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs, has for some time now been deliberately spreading false and misleading information about NGOs in an attempt to discredit them. Their targets include some of the most established and respected human rights organizations. While their efforts to stifle a critical dialogue have proved unsuccessful, their efforts are relentless and it is important that they be exposed as part of an extremist, right-wing institution, closely linked with the Israeli government and military commanders, who do not have specific interest in human rights. Therefore, NGO Monitor should not be taken seriously by anyone interested in peace and human rights. 

Breaking the complicity: 'Developing Palestine means ending the occupation'

As international and local organizations now decry the advent of a ‘humanitarian crisis’- placing Palestine within the disaster status of tornadoes or earthquakes- we are witnessing a renewed surge in the presence of foreign organizations and initiatives. In theory aimed at abetting the impending ‘humanitarian crisis’- clearly the result of Israeli military occupation and assault- this shift is but part of a larger system of development which finds sustenance in the Israeli occupation, while further contributing to the de-development of Palestine.