Rachel Corrie

"oh rafah, aching rafah" - A poem from the journal of Rachel Corrie

oh rafah. aching rafah. aching of refugees aching of tumbled houses bicycles severed from tank-warped tires and aching of bullet riddled homes all homes worm-eaten by bullets and then impregnated through bullet holes by birds. Read the journal entry of peace activist Rachel Corrie, who was living in Rafah when she was crushed to death by an Israeli-operated bulldozer while defending one of the many homes that have been destroyed by the Israeli military in Rafah. 

Rachel's last mail

On Tuesday the British Guardian newspaper ran a series of emails from Rachel Corrie, the American peace activist killed by an Israeli army bulldozer. Here the Guardian publishs her final exchange with her father. 

Internationals and Palestinians Demonstrate in Rafah

At 11 am on Saturday the 15th of February 100-150 Palestinians were joined in Rafah by nine internationals in a march for peace for the people of Iraq, in protest of US government policies towards the people of Iraq and Palestine, and in support of the political rights of protesters in New York City. This demonstration occurred in conjunction with protests around the world. Rachel Corrie writes for the ISM