Queers Undermining Israeli Terrorism

US activists de-shelve Israeli products from national grocer

On Saturday, 20 June, activists gathered at Trader Joe’s in Oakland and San Francisco, US to demand that the company stop carrying Israeli goods. Protesters removed Israeli products from the shelves in order to show customers which products they should not buy. They also met with the store managers and asked them to notify their headquarters that they no longer wanted to carry Israeli herbs, couscous and cheese. Similar actions were held throughout the US

Queer activists call for boycott of Tel Aviv film festival

Queers Undermining Israeli Terrorism (QUIT!), a San Francisco Bay Area solidarity group, is calling on international Lesbian, Gay, Bi, Trans and Queer filmmakers not to participate in the Tel Aviv International LGBT Film Festival this June. QUIT!’s call for filmmakers to respect the cultural boycott of Israel initiated by more than 100 organizations of Palestinian civil society. The call has been joined by members of South West Asian and North African Bay Area Queers and a founder of Trikone, the largest South Asian LGBT organization in the world. 

San Francisco Queers Say No Pride in Apartheid

In March, over 100 members of the LGBT/queer community sent the following letter to Frameline, organizer of the San Francisco International Lesbian/Gay/Bi/Trans Film Festival, which according to its website is the largest LGBT cultural event in the world. The letter asks Frameline to honor calls for an international boycott of Israeli political and cultural institutions, by discontinuing Israeli consulate sponsorship of the LGBT film festival and not cosponsoring events with the Israeli consulate. 

Bay Area Queers: World Pride Should be Cancelled

QUIT! (Queers Undermining Israeli Terrorism) condemns the decision by Jerusalem Open House and other promoters of World Pride Jerusalem to go ahead with the planned week of international pride events scheduled for August 6-12, despite Israel’s ongoing assault on civilian communities in Lebanon and Gaza. Israel, which killed 4 UN workers in Lebanon on July 26, has been accused by Human Rights Watch of using cluster bombs in civilian areas, in violation of international law. QUIT!, which is part of the newly formed “Break the Siege Coalition” which organized last Thursday’s large demonstration in San Francisco, calls for all LGBT people in the United States to protest our government’s complicity in the Israeli siege. 

Estee Slaughter Kicked Out of LGBT Festival

2500 lucky festival-goers at today’s Lesbian/Gay/Bi/Trans Freedom Day celebration received samples of a hot new product from Estee Slaughter Inc., a project of Queers Undermining Israeli Terror (QUIT!). In the first appearance by the San Francisco-based cosmetics shrimp at the LGBTFD celebration (aka San Francisco Pride), volunteers distributed thousands of the “Realityfold TM” sleep mask. The black masks were tastefully emblazoned in gold with the ES logo and “Make the Occupation Disappear.” 

Call to Boycott World Pride in Jerusalem 2006

As individuals and groups working for the liberation of all oppressed peoples, we join in the call to boycott travel to World Pride Jerusalem in 2006 as part of the international boycott of Israel. Although the event is named, “Love Without Borders,” Israel has illegally occupied Jerusalem for decades, and has functionally annexed the city. Jerusalem is a city with borders that are constantly enforced by the Israeli army. These borders — including militarized checkpoints and towering concrete walls — are often impenetrable to Palestinians and other Arab people. 

US Gays Launch Boycott of Jerusalem Gay Pride

A vote by the San Francisco Board of Supervisors to support a Gay Pride celebration in Jerusalem, Israel, has sparked criticism from gay groups that oppose Israel’s policies in the Palestinian territories. They have announced a boycott of the celebration, slated to take place in the contested city of Jerusalem on August 18-20, saying Israel’s policies toward the Palestinians make a mockery of the theme of the event, “love without borders?”. “No city in the world could have more borders than Jerusalem,” said Kate Raphael-Bender of San Francisco-based QUIT. She said that those borders are constantly encroaching further and further into Palestinian territory, and are enforced by military checkpoints and cement walls. 

QUIT! premieres latest line of "Estee Slaughter" products on Valentine's Day

Queers Undermining Israeli Terrorism (QUIT!) premiered “Eternally Mine,” “a stench beyond occupation,” from Estee Slaughter at its Valentine’s Day Extravaganza at Macy’s Union Square in San Francisco. Eternally Mine joins Estee’s signature scent Occupation and Apartheid For Men in the group’s killer product line. QUIT! is targeting cosmetics giant Estee Lauder with its boycott Israel message, because heir Ron Lauder is president of the Jewish National Fund, which maintains and implements Israel’s discriminatory land policies.