The Palestinian Non-Governmental Organizations’ Network (PNGO)

PNGO applauds Venezuela's decision to withdraw ambassador from Israel

The Palestinian Non-Governmental Organizations Network (PNGO) applauds the decision of the Venezuelan people and government to withdraw the Venezuelan ambassador from Israel. On August 3, 2006, Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez stated that he has withdrawn his country’s ambassador from Israel to show his ‘indignation’ over the military offensive in Lebanon. Chavez stated, “It really causes indignation to see how the state of Israel continues bombing, killing … with all of the power they have, with the support of the United States” regarding the Israeli assault on Lebanon. 

PNGO statement of condemnation of Israeli attack on north Gaza and a call on the international community for intervention

The Palestinian Non-Governmental Organizations Network (PNGO) calls upon the United Nations, and the international community, to intervene and stop the Israeli Occupation forces’ attacks on the Palestinian people, which have been concentrated in the northern Gaza Strip since the night of 5 July 2006. The serious escalation of Israeli attacks against Palestinian citizens and property utilizing heavy arms, including tanks and air forces, caused outrageous impacts of civilian life and property. 

PNGO Calls for International Investigation in Gaza Strip Killings and Condemns Israeli Atrocities against Palestinians

During the first two weeks of June 2006 alone, the Israeli Occupation Army killed 28 Palestinians in the occupied Palestinian territories. The Ghalia family lost seven members where the mother (Ra’eesa Ghaila, 35), the father (Ali Issa Ghalia, 49) and five of their children (Haitham, 5 months; Hanadi, 18 months; Sabreen, 4 years; Ilham, 15 years; and Alia, 17 years) were killed on June 9 when an Israeli gunboat stationed off the coast of Beit Lahia fired seven successive artillery shells at Palestinian families enjoying a summer day at the beach. 

Israel's "Disengagement": The Day After

The Palestinian NGO Network (PNGO) would like to stress the fact that Israel’s unilateral disengagement from the Gaza Strip and parts of the Northern West Bank, although welcome and long overdue in terms of the implementation of international law, does not constitute an end to Israel’s military occupation of Palestinian land. After implementation of the disengagement plan, Israel remains in charge, partially or completely, of border crossings and thereby continues to control the movement of people and goods in and out of Gaza. PNGO would like to emphasize its belief that the unilateral Israeli disengagement, in and of itself, will not create an opportunity for peace between Palestinians and Israelis but rather preclude the attainment of a fair and durable regional peace for the foreseeable future.